Q : We don't go to church regularly and really aren't that religious. Is this a problem?

A : Frequency of church attendance is not as important as your committment to each other

Q : We do attend church regularly, but we aren't members. The head of our church told us he/she could not marry us unless we both joined the church. Will you marry us?

A : Yes, of course. My requirements to marry you are merely that you love and are committed to each other.


Q : We are both religious, but we practice different religions. Can we customize our ceremony to include both of our beliefs?

A : Absolutely. The service can be tailored to include any aspect of either or both religions.

Q : Can we get married in your church?

A : No, though I am part of a ministry, I am an independent minister and am not affiliated with a local church.

Q : Will you only marry us in a church?

A: No, in fact I will marry you anywhere you choose, be it the place you first met, in a garden, at home, or wherever. I will not put myself at risk or perform anything in bad taste. Otherwise, simply put, I will marry you anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


Q : Do you require us to attend classes or multiple sessions to perform our marriage?

A: No, I am here to simply perform your wedding, not to place stipulations on your union together .


Q : One of us is very religious and the other isn't. How do we handle this?

A: The choice is totally up to you as far as your service is concerned. You can make it as religious and formal or non-religious and casual as you want.


Q : We have children from previous marriages and would want them involved in the service with us. Are you ok with this?

A : Absolutely. Children are precious and having them involved in your wedding is not only a great idea, it can mean so much to them and the well being of your new blended family.